Host a Party!

Why host a Scentsy Party?

As a hostess, you will receive FREE and half-priced Scentsy products. No matter what kind of party you choose, your party orders will qualify for Hostess Rewards once $150.00 in sales is reached!

Which Scentsy Party is Right for You?

Home Party

A traditional approach to a home party. I’ll arrive a few minutes early to set up a beautiful display. When your guests arrive, I will spend just a little time and demonstrate how Scentsy works. This is a great approach if Scentsy is new to you or your friends. We’ll talk briefly about the variety of warmers and scents, how SAFE a warmer is, and how to use and change a Scentsy wickless candle bar. It won’t take long to show you just how easy it is to fill your home with the latest scentsation! Contact me

Open House Party

If you like a casual feel, or if your guests are already familiar with Scentsy, an Open House is a great option. We’ll determine a two to three hour window to hold your Open House. I’ll arrive in time to set up, and we can spend time talking with guests as they come and go sharing scents! This is a fun, casual and low-pressure way to share Scentsy with your friends, neighbors and family. Contact me

Basket Party

Scentsy Basket Party

Do you love Scentsy products and would love to earn product credit and half-price items, but don’t feel like you have the time to host a formal party or open house? Would love to buy your own first Scentsy, but feel like you just can’t afford it right now? Host a Scentsy Basket Party! The convenient, most hassle-free way to earn product credit and half-price items.

When you host a Scentsy Basket Party it is easy to watch the rewards just start piling up! I will send you catalogs, order forms, and mini-testers of all of the available scents. The mini-testers come in a convenient carrying case that will easily fit into any medium size purse or bag. Carry the scents and catalogs with you in your purse or other bag and show them to your family and friends when it is convenient for you. There is no need to clean your house, send out formal invites, arrange for someone to watch your kids, or any of the other hassle of hosting a Scentsy formal home party or a Scentsy open house. Summer is full of fun family gatherings and other social events which make it a perfect time for collecting orders. You can keep the the party supplies for up to two weeks to collect orders.

The hostess rewards for hosting a Scentsy Basket Party are exactly the same as you would receive for hosting a Scentsy home party or Scentsy open house. The hostess rewards are as follows:

Guest Sales $150-$249 $250-$399 $400-$999 $1000 +
Free Product 10% 10% 15% 15%
1/2 Price Items 1 2 3 4

How it works:

Contact me to schedule your party. I will send all the supplies needed to be successful. Please show the catalogs ( feel free to allow your family and friends to keep a catalog if they would like to) and mini-testers to your friends, family, and co-workers when it is convenient for you. Fill out the order form and collect payments. Once your party reaches a minimum of $150 (which is really easily accomplished) you will receive free shipping and will qualify for the hostess rewards. When you are done collecting the orders, add up the total of all the orders to determine what hostess rewards you have earned. You can then make your own order according to what rewards you have earned. Once you have made your own order, then send the order forms, payments, and supplies back to me. I will place your order and everything will ship to you within a week and a half to two weeks for you to distribute.

To schedule a Scentsy Basket Party send an e-mail to indicating that you would like to schedule a basket party or call 208-724-9635. Also please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to helping you earn hostess rewards the most convenient way possible by hosting a Scentsy Basket Party!

Online Party

The simplest of all parties. It’s like an open house but online. We will e-vite your guests to visit my website and click on your event link. Your guests are free to order at their convenience until the designated party closing time. Contact me

How to Become a Hostess

  • Step One: Contact me to set up a day and time for your party
  • Step Two: With my help, invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family to share “The Hottest New Thing in Candles”
  • Step Three: Enjoy your Rewards!

Scentsy Rewards